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UX Research and Design

UX research is the first stage of UX design. It is crucial to understand the user needs in order to align with business needs (profit) and technology limitations. As a product owner, the last thing you want is an App that not one needs! šŸ˜­


Who needs UX services?

– If you have an idea šŸ’” of digital product/service and need to test or explore its potential

– If you have an existing product/service and need to identify opportunities and improve quality


UX research covers the following:

– User research (interviews, contextual inquiry etc)

– Research methods (defining suitable methods)

– Competitors and Comparative analysis

– Features and Tasks analysis

– Problem and design opportunities

– Information architecture (Studying suitable navigation system for the product, in a form of site or app map)

– Identify persona šŸ‘¤, solution, features prioritization (which features to include now/later), user flows (steps users take o accomplish a task)

– Prototype, usability testing, iterations

Among other tools and techniques to ensure best user experience.