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Service Detail

Redesign Your Business Presentation

If you have a business presentation you want to redesign and make it graphically appealing. Just send it to me.

With 4 years experience as a Financial Analyst and preparing lots of Executive Summaries and Pitch Decks I will be able to help you out in making your presentation looks good.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Summaries (Real Estate, Private Equity)
  • Business Overviews
  • Pitch Decks
  • Financial Presentations
  • Startups Presentations

Once you send me your Request

  • I will organise the content of your presentation to be visually appealing
  • Use colors based on your branding/preferences
  • Produce charts if possible
  • Insert images/icons if required
  • Finally, we will review it together and make sure you get the result you want

Feel free to contact me for further discussion!