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How Jaser Works

In order ease use of our system, we have developed a guide that will explain how the platform works, whether you are an employer or freelancer.

Registering at Jaser

Registering on the platform is easy and consists of several steps. The first step of registration is to enter the basic data, which includes your name, username and email address.

In second step in registration process you’ll be required to enter your location, desired password, and select whether you’re registering as freelancer or employer. If you’re registering as freelancer, application form will expand. You will be asked to enter your education & qualifications, work experience and skills. Also, it is a bonus if you add links of websites or social profiles where we can see your work which doesn’t hold your personal information. Your application will be reviewed by our staff who will decide your status. In case you are employer, you will not be required to go through vetting process.

Meanwhile, make sure to verify your email via verification link you’ll automatically receive in your email’s inbox/promotions/spam. Once you are done, you will complete step-by-step registration.

If you are registering as a freelancer, you are also required to verify your identity in order to be able to work on Jaser. Visit the „Identity Verification“ on your user menu and add a scanned picture of your National Identity Card or Passport.

Once you have filled out your application with relevant information and submitted your ID verification document, our administrators will check your information and decide on the approval of the profile in the next 48 hours.

Only after the profile has been approved and your identity verified, you will be able to publish your services and participate in bidding on jobs.

If you are an employer, you are required to enter basic information about yourself and the company you work for. As employer, you are not required to verify your identity.

In conclusion, if you’re freelancer, build your portfolio and always try to keep your profile up to date by adding the latest relevant information and completed projects.

How to Post Jobs

If you are registered as an employer, you will be able to get the desired services in two ways. The first way is by posting your job on the platform and choosing the best proposal. Another way is to simply search and purchase a specific service offered by a freelancer.

If you are posting a job, visit your dashboard and on the upper left side of menu, click „Post a Job“. Here you will be asked to fill details such as job title, duration and deadlines, price, job details, skills required for this job, as well as attach relevant project files. Keep in mind that attachment size cannot exceed 5 megabytes.

You will be able to set the price of the job in two ways, through a fixed price or on hourly basis. Either way, you will be asked to set your price range. In case of hourly based jobs, you will be asked to provide estimated number of hours required to complete the job. 

Be specific when describing the job and selecting skills required. Once you filled all the fields, click „Save“ to post your job. Now, your job is published, and you will start to receive proposals from freelancers. You will be notified via email and you can access them by clicking on „Latest proposals“ in your dashboard. If you are not happy with proposals, you can also search for a freelancer with appropriate skills and invite him/her to bid for your posted job by clicking the „Send Offer“ button on the Freelancer’s profile.

Once you have received the appropriate offer and decide to hire the desired freelancer, you can communicate the final details via chat. You can hire a freelancer by simply clicking on “Hire Now“. After confirmation, you will be redirected to the payment. Enter your preferred payment method and fill in the billing details. If you have made a prepayment, make sure to enter your credit in coupon field. You can use your credit as long as you have funds on your prepaid balance.

Ways to Pay: You can either pay by Benefit pay (Debit Card) or Credit Card. Apple Pay coming soon!

Once you have successfully made the payment, the freelancer will receive information that he is employed. You can access the job in the “Ongoing jobs” part on your dashboard menu. If you have multiple jobs currently in progress, they will be listed here. By clicking on the job, you can communicate and share files with the freelancer. Once you are happy with the produced results, you simply mark the project as completed.

Finally, don’t forget to rate the freelancer.

How to Buy Services

Another way you can get the service you want as an employer is to simply find a service that suits your needs and hire a freelancer with a simple service purchase. In the main menu, open the “Services” tab. Here you can find all the services offered by our freelancers and filter them by categories, timeframe and price. Check the details of the service, delivery terms as well as the profile of the freelancer who offers it. Once you are confident about purchasing this service, proceed to checkout, enter your billing data and payment details. Once you completed the payment, the freelancer will be notified that he is employed, and you start working with him. You can find this service in “Ongoing services” from your dashboard menu.

Once the freelancer has successfully completed the task and once you have received the desired service, you can mark service as complete. In the end, you will be asked to rate the freelancer.

How to Apply for Jobs

Applying for jobs is a fairly simple process. Open „Jobs“ in the main menu and you will get a list of currently active jobs on Jasertalents. Filter them by your qualifications, skills, job length, or by keyword. Open a job, check the description, and the company profile until you are confident that you are capable of completing the job.

If you do not want to apply for the job immediately, you can save it by clicking on “Click to Save”. When you save a job, you will also be able to access it through your user menu in the “Saved Items” category.

On the other hand, if you want to send a proposal for a published job, click “Send proposal” and carefully fill in all the details. Enter your bid making sure it is within the budget set by the sender. Also enter a time frame in which you can complete the job, and a description of your engagement. 

How to Post Services

Another way for freelancers to make money is through published services. In user dashboard, click “Post a Service” in the upper left corner. You need to enter a description of your service, response time, deadline within which you are able to provide the service, price, the corresponding category, detailed description, accompanying image and a few more details. Once you have entered all the fields, clicking “Save” will publish your service. When someone decides to buy your service, you will receive a notification and you can start collaborating with the client in the “Ongoing services” field of your user dashboard.

Be consistent with the promised terms and quality of service. Upon completion of the service, the employer will be able to evaluate you and your evaluation or rating is one of the key references for future employers.

How to Request Withdrawal

You can access your earnings in the user dasboard. Before that, you need to set your preferred payout method. You can do this by clicking on “Payout Settings” in the user menu.

Pending balances are funds that are not available until the completion of the work or service. Available balances are funds that you can withdraw. Click on “Withdraw now”, choose the preferred payout method and the amount you want to withdraw. Please keep in mind that minimum withdrawal amount is 20.000 BD. Payout transactions are usually completed in a couple of days.

How to Raise a Dispute

The Dispute Resolution Center serves to settle any disputes between the parties and to prevent any abuses of the use of the platform and parties’ rights and obligations. The initiation of a dispute is explained in more detail in the dispute center.

If you are dissatisfied with the cooperation of the other party, you can start disputes by clicking on disputes in your user menu. In the upper right corner, click on the “Create dispute”. Enter the job / service that is subject to dispute, reason of the dispute and the description. It is important to emphasize that you can initiate disputes only in the case when the job / service is cancelled. If you are an employer, first mark the job / service as cancelled and then proceed to initiate a dispute. Our support team will review your dispute and decide in whose favor it will resolve the dispute.

Adding to Favorites List

While using our platform, you will often find the right jobs, services or freelancers and employers you want to save for the future. That’s why we made it possible to save these categories by clicking “Click to Save“.

You can access and manage your favorite categories at any time via the “Saved Items” link in your user menu.

Help & Support Center

In case you have a problem using the platform, visit our help & support center in your user menu. If you do not find the answer to your problem, please send us your inquiry.

Your opinion is extremely important to us in the future development and improvement of our platform.