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About “Faten Mohamed”

Im faten mohamed a was a volunteer , I can not speak for myself, but these are some things I
know it about me:
 Excellent Communication and Interacting Skills.
 Fluent in English and Arabic Languages (Both Spoken and
 Excellent Team work and Analytical Skills.
 Time Management and Prioritization Skills.
 Fast Learner.
 Funny and cool but in the serious time I be serious.
 I can work with children and gave them a workshop a bout
volunteer and how to work in team.
 I have the ability to organize events and forums

I have the ability to use several computer software and
operating systems such as:
 MS Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista.
 Microsoft office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Front
 Adobe Photoshop CS3

I have the ability to shooting stills in any type of camera
I have the ability to use the fax and the printer

I have the ability to use the social media program

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