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Code of Conduct

Please review our Code of Conduct

Jaser is a web and mobile freelancing platform in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We developed Jaser Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as: ‘’Code of Conduct’’) as a guideline to the usage of our platform appropriately as well as to ensure its legality, confidence and utmost professionalism by all relevant stakeholders. This Code of Conduct is mandatory to be followed at all times and any violation of this Code may result in a disciplinary action as well as ban from the platform. This Code is applicable for all users and shall be complied with in its entirety.



This Code of Conduct is to be followed by management, employees, consultants of Jaser, and any entity related to or owned by the Jaser, as well as any other person acting on behalf of Jaser.



This Code of Conduct outlines policies and procedures for Jaser’s management, employees, consultants and other personnel representing Jaser on means of conducting business in a variety of circumstances.



All the platform users shall observe the highest standards of corporate practice and business conduct. This Code of Conduct sets out Jaser’s policies on various matters including ethical conduct, business conduct, compliance, privacy, security of information, communication as well as any fraudulent activities.


Business Conduct

We aim to deliver an extraordinary experience for all our users in an honest and fair manner, observing integrity in all our dealings. 


We will always approach our business with the clear intention to operate within the boundaries of the law. Our principles and procedures guide us in our business dealings and decision-making and they are designed in order to reflect our legal obligations and limitations.


Integrity & Confidentiality

All platform users trust shall ensure that the trust is maintained between parties in a specific contractual relationship by acting ethically and with integrity. It is of utmost significance for all users to respect the confidentiality and privacy of the platform and all associated parties. It is strictly prohibited to disclose any information or any type of documents, in any format, other than those which may be required by the law or authorized by Jaser.

Contact & Communication

It is forbidden for any users to contact other users asking for their personal contact details. The official website features such as the platform's messaging system is the only communication channel between all parties. All users shall restrict their communication to the platform only, for the purpose of executing projects via platform. All users must avoid any inappropriate remarks, any form of discriminatory practices or non-professional and unethical behavior.



Jaser encourages all users to participate in all bid (s); however, the user must bid only on the project which he/she can complete and commits to do accordingly. Users must not submit his/her quote intentionally for benefits other than serving the purpose of the platform. All users must report if they reveal that any of the project(s) is involved in the fraudulent or illegal activities.


Fraud & Spam

Jaser users must follow all legal procedures and by consenting to use the platform, they are obliged not to get involved in any kind of fraudulent activities. Each user is allowed to create only one user account and registration of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. Registration of multiple accounts is only available and possible in terms of applying as a team, comprising  several individual users. Users shall not use this platform to generate false information or feedback about any user or service. Users are also prohibited to advertise their personal blogs, websites or personal advertising materials unless otherwise allowed.


Code Violations

Any type of possible Code violation will require comprehensive analysis and review by Jaser personnel, as well as taking any actions deemed appropriate. Factors such as the gravity of the violation will be taken in consideration in assessing the penalty for the user who violated the Code of Conduct. These actions shall primarily be in the form of a written warning, and in case users continue violating the Code of Conduct, they will be temporarily or permanently prohibited accessing the platform.